The 17th Asian Symposium on Visualization



History of ASV

The ASV is an international conference focused on phenomena, methods, and applications related to visualization and has been held as follows:

  • 1st ASV, Beijing (China) in 1988
  • 2nd ASV, Hangzhou (China) in 1992
  • 3rd ASV, Chiba (Japan) in 1994
  • 4th ASV, Beijing (China) in 1996
  • 5th ASV, Bali (Indonesia) in 1998
  • 6th ASV, Pusan (South Korea) in 2001 7 th ASV, Singapore in 2003
  • 8th ASV, Chiang Mai (Thailand) in 2005 9 th ASV, Hong Kong in 2007
  • 9th ASV, Hong Kong in 2007
  • 10th ASV, Andhra Pradesh (India) in 2009 11 th ASV, Niigata (Japan) in 2011
  • 12th ASV, Tainan (Taiwan) in 2013
  • 13th ASV, Novosibirsk (Russia) in 2015 14 th ASV, Beijing (China) in 2017
  • 14th ASV, Beijing (China) in 2017
  • 15th ASV, Pusan (South Korea) in 2019
  • 16th ASV, Bangkok (Thailand) in 2022(2021)

ASV members and committees are composed of researchers from many countries in the Asian region. The countries of the participants are listed below: China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Thailand, Russia, Belarus, and Japan.

ASV15, held on-site in Korea in 2019, had 215 participants (2/3 of these were student participants). ASV meetings were held every two years by ASV members, however, ASV16 was postponed due to Covid-19 and held online in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2022. In order to return the cycle of the meeting to normal, it was proposed that the meeting be held locally in Tokyo in 2023, and the following procedures will be applied.

Prof. Nakayama, the Founder of  ASV 

Prof. Nakayama passed away  99 years old on Feb. 2nd in 2016.

7 years have passed since Professor Nakayama , one of the founder of ASV, passed away in Feb. 2nd, 2016.
The deceased had hoped to host ASV in Japan again. Inheriting his will, we would like to host the ASV in Japan.
He was one of the members founded the visualization society of Japan (VSJ) and achieved the following establishments.

His achievements:

  • ASV:Asian Symposium on Visualization,
  • ISFV:International Symposium of Fluid Visualization,
  • FLUCOME:Fluid Control and Mechanics,
  • ISPIV :International Symposium of PIV,
  • Journal of Visualization [Springer Verlag]